Mobile audiences are skyrocketing, especially for newspapers, where comScore revealed that 141 million monthly uniques are reading digital newspapers; half are on mobile devices. What’s more, 1 in 5 adults consume their newspaper exclusively through their smartphone or tablet.

People are clearly enjoying the instant gratification of accessing information on mobile devices, news included. So what does this mean for the future of newspapers?  Like all news media, the newspaper industry must cater to both the “on-the go” audience that wants to find what they are looking for and exit the site, and those who like to “flip” through their daily paper.

The New York Times is getting ahead of the curve by launching TimesMinute, which is a brief snapshot of three key news developments that posts in the morning, afternoon and evening. From an advertising standpoint they’ve introduced customized campaigns for mobile devices. For example, they are experimenting with interactive ads on iPads to increase engagement and future revenue.

As we all become more immersed in consuming content with digital devices – especially mobile – it’s evident that the newspaper industry can leverage this for their benefit from both consumption and advertising standpoints.

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